• Marketing Consulting

    Setting your marketing up for success with online and offline channels.

  • Branding

    A cohesive message - digital and in print that connects with your ideal consumers.

  • Web Design and SEO

    Custom professional design to convert visitors. Search Engine Optimization to boost traffic.

  • Social Media

    Increased engagement and community building on your ideal consumers' platforms.

  • Photography

    Our brand photography style delivers captivating first impressions in print and online.

  • Videography

    Tell your story through the powerful medium of video to quickly engage with your ideal customers.

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    Mind Your Own Business Series

    MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS & OWN your success. Let us help you define your business strategy for growth & longevity.

  • Leadership Growth Sessions

    Leadership series designed to help you and your team communicate more powerfully, and take ownership as leaders.

You have a rich, deep story to tell. Your "ideal audience" (folks that buy what you provide) has a story. Here's the important part - they are looking to connect their story with yours. We are storytellers - able to tell your story in a way that creates a trusted connection to your ideal audience so that they buy what you're selling.
We transform brands. Let's GO!

Our Process

We've created a 4-step process to createand promote your brand story.


    You have a POWERFUL story to tell. There is a WHO looking for your story.
    Our Storytelling Process is a unique experience as no two businesses are the same. Before we can tell your story, we find out what makes you different than your competition and how your company can best position its brand in the marketplace.
    Visit & Meet - Getting to know key individuals, finding the heart and heartbeat within your organization that connects the consumer (WHO) to you.
    Research - Understand what you do that makes you money, your passions, and what you're proud of.
    This part of the process may include creating several "starter" videos that tell your story (to be used on social media outlets and website.) It may also include photography, where we visually capture your key employees, your product/s, your service/s, to build on the foundation of your story.


    We identify who your ideal customers are and determine short and long term goals for reaching them.
    Knowing precisely WHO we are talking to as we tell your story leads on to understanding your ideal customers. That understanding enables your story to be shared with them at their heart level - opening them up to use all of their senses and creating a long-lasting impression.
    We all have a sight response, an emotional response and a smell response to our consumer experiences. These all create lasting memories for future purchase decisions helping put you at top-of-mind when your WHO is ready to buy.


    This is where we'll determine the avenues for reaching your ideal customer. This will include considering the following (and more as we discuss):
    • Social media, blogging, podcasts, videos. website, landing pages, and Search Engine Optimization.• Publications, print, or online advertising.• Sharing community connection ideas, if applicable.
    The result is a Brand Story that connects your ideal audience's story to yours, building excitement about your story and brand, while creating faithful customers who come back year after year.
    This part of the process contains your brand's assessment, and that covers:
    Logo - Ensuring your logo is a powerful image of your brand story.Text & Context - Writing your story to keep your brand message cohesive and connecting it in everything you do because consistency across channels is essential.Photos - Looking through old ones, taking new photos, and using the powerful medium of imagery to create an emotional response to your story.Video - Discussion on how video will help you tell your story.Print - Assessing the need for print material.


    This is the fun part! With your input, we create a plan to reach your long-term goals. Pulling all the pieces together we start telling your story from purchase to end-user satisfaction.
    We connect you to your audience in a variety of ways:
    Website - Custom, professional website design. Fresh images, text, context, linking your story to your ideal customer's story. Social Media - Sharing your story and brand messaging on the social media outlets that your ideal audience actually use, increasing impact and engagement.Print - Evaluating if you need upgraded/new business cards, brochures, mailings, etc.Publications - There may be publications that fit your story and audience. If so, we provide Ad placement recommendations.Video - Video combined with your story is like kerosene on a fire so we'll turn up the heat by creating visuals that educate, entertain, inform and also share your story.


A great brand story touches hearts and supercharges consumer loyalty.

Meet Our Team

  • Andrew Shimmer photo

    Lori Kawulok

    Lead Creative

    Lori is a gifted Marketing & Business Strategist, Trainer and dynamic Speaker, working throughout the US and China since 2004. She is known for her work with organizations as an executive leader in branding, marketing & organic growth through creating and communicating their story to the ideal consumer. She works with leaders and teams, improving morale through personal empowerment, leadership and sales and service training. Lori is an expert in Culture Shift by helping companies find their value and unique brand story. Lori comes from an entrepreneurial family. She worked for a large US credit union (17 offices, $650 M assets) in charge of business development & marketing. Lori served as a recruiter and trainer & brand management officer to the fortune 500 company IKON. Happy Clients: RCCC, S&D Coffee, Black & Decker, NOVA CU, Mountain CU, Freightliner, Trelleborg, Superior Pine, Superior Berries, DUKE CU, Riegelwood CU, Century CU.

  • Andrew Shimmer photo

    Fran Jeanes


    Originally from London, England, Fran started her first web design company in Charlotte, NC, in 1997. A self-starter, she taught herself to code and use Photoshop. Over time, her passion for design and digital marketing led Fran to work with hundreds of companies across myriad industries.
    Growing her business to keep up with cutting edge technology and the morphing of the Internet has given Fran a unique perspective when it comes to strategizing projects for optimal results.
    As an action-taker, Fran is driven to share marketing and entrepreneurship through her podcast, public speaking, webinars, workshops, blogging, and online training platform. Fran has extensive hands-on experience in web design, Search Engine Optimization, social media, copy-writing, lead generation, and video production. She is also a photographer whose joy is taking a brand story and creating stunning visuals that engage audiences in print and online.
    Happy clients: Gartner Inc., Deluxe Corporation, The Town of Cornelius, The Town of Davidson, Lake Norman Transportation Commission, Habitat for Humanity, Ahlara International.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Sam Middleton

    Branding/Social Media Expert

    Samantha started an e-Commerce business from the ground up. She achieved a quarter million (+) in sales in the first year using her own organic social media techniques. Samantha grew her following to 100k+ social media followers and email subscribers in 12 months, utilizing only social media, with no paid advertising.
    Samantha is a big-thinker; an ambitious go-getter with a specialty in problem solving. Having built her own profitable e-commerce business from the ground up, Sam understands the 'heart' behind business strategies, branding, marketing and growth. Samantha brings her 'hands-on' knowledge of web design, branding and organic social media growth to her clients and creates innovative business strategies for today's modern businesses, grounded in old-fashioned work ethic while energetically embracing new world technology.
    Happy clients: NOVA Credit Union, Superior Berries, Superior Pine.

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